About Us

Hello! I'm a stay at home mama bear to two little bears, and a wife to an amazing papa bear. I, like any parent strive to give the best to my children, but am always looking for the best deals. That applies to clothes as well! Children use clothes for such a little time and then are on to the next size. They grow so fast! Then you're stuck with all these nice clothes that have been worn maybe three times. That is why I started this business. A way to pass on these clothes to another child in order to give them a second or third life!

I chose to start an e-commerce business in order to work from home and continue to be there for my children. For this reason, I have provided a PO Box as the business address and not my home address. 

We strive in providing the best quality of clothing. I inspect every clothes item and if I wouldn't let my own children wear it, then I don't sell it. If there is damage or a minor stain we let you know in the descriptions and offer the item at a discounted price! We are human and sometimes miss a stain, hole, or fading. If this happens just shoot us a message and we will begin the refund process!

It takes a tribe to raise children and we hope you become part of our village! Thank you for all the support!

Little Cubs Closet is a registered Limited liability company (LLC) with the state of Montana.